Meet Becca

Hi there!

So you want to know a little about the Becca behind Rebecca Wuth Photography?? I think I should start by being honest. This whole thing I’ve got going here; it’s not a one-man show. I owe a lot to my husband and kids. Without them, I’m not so interesting. They are the reason I’m here and doing what I love. ..

I live in the beautiful mountains of Tehachapi, California with my husband, T.J.; an electrical engineer who is the technical brains behind this operation. His Master’s degree carries a focus on multimedia and creative technologies from the amazing USC, so if you are a UCLA fan, we might have a problem. I kid, I kid. But seriously, T.J. researches and picks out all of my top of the line equipment, coaches me in the latest and greatest in Photoshop, and pushes me forward when I get too comfortable. I really couldn’t take my artistic eye far without his technical expertise. We make a great team.

Together we have three beautiful kids; Ashley Joy, Rusty Davis and and Charity Rose,  who provide me with plenty of photography practice. You will see them plastered in this space quite often. My kids and husband are my comfortable place, and over the last few years I have become quite introverted. There is no place I would rather be than with my kids and husband. God knows, we are so far from perfect, but we are learning and growing together, and most of what we have accomplished we have accomplished together. And for that, I am so proud.

If I’m not with my family, I love capturing moments for those around me. The one place I break out of my shell (and people actually mistaken me for extroverted) is photo sessions. This is a place I carry so much love, passion and excitement, and I am so grateful I can place that energy into preserving memories for those who come into my life. This passion for photography was drawn out of me by my own three babies. After all, when you catch that genuine smile and can actually hear the laughter when you look at the photo- I am not sure there is anything quite so wonderful that money can buy. I want to capture those moments for you.

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Love, Becca